Adato Paradigma = A New Paradigm

Why we are here:

The Adato Paradigma – Non Profit Institute.

The mission of Adato is to embrace and support the expression of what it considers fundamentally positive & intrinsic values of human evolution.

• Equanimity & Balance
• Loving Kindness
• Compassion
• Joyfulness

• Wisdom & Insight
• Generosity
• Virtue/Self Discipline/Morality
• Patience/Acceptance
• Energy/Effort/Joyful Endeavor
• Meditative Concentration/Contemplation

When our ego centered / dualistic confusion and grasping is let to rest these values or qualities naturally arise as an effortless and spontaneous expression of our human potential.

Originally inspired by the Buddhist maxims of the Four Immeasurables and the Six Perfections, Adato Paradigma considers the importance of these values and others like them as primary to the wellbeing of our collective and individual human condition. It is not Adato’s perspective that these values can fix the various problems of the world, but rather by living our lives as authentically and simply as we know how, these natural values can and do arise which help shape & shift our priorities and our co-operation of life on earth.

What we are doing:

Adato Paradigm works to support, directly or indirectly, projects, initiatives, activities, efforts, well wishes, prayers, etc. that give rise to the development and sharing of these natural, heart centred values – through technology/communications, resource sharing, community building and dialogue.

How we are doing it:

Please visit which is our Generosity based web platform for community building and sharing of resources, knowledge/skills/things etc. Completely organized and created by the principals of Gift Economy, offering people a chance to practice sharing the best of themselves for free while learning to receive with an open heart as well. An open source platform. Free of advertisements. Just people sharing gifts and wishes.


We are currently developing a location-based mobile app to facilitate these values and help make the act of giving in daily life easier and playful. If you are on the move, daily acts of kindness can be too.


Additionally we have a program of offline activities and events in development for 2018 -2019 to help people experience these values and principles directly in their daily lives, working and playing in collaboration with one another.


What if – you join us – how it would help?

If any of this speaks to you, in whatever large or small way, we want to hear from you. We want to share with you. We love your support and we love offering the best of what we can to you. Help us to shift all of our collective and individual perspectives to something positive and magnificent. We can, one heart and circumstance at a time, moving forward together.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how you can help us and/or we can help you!


Love – Adato Paradigma