Hearth.net – website

Hearth.Net is an online gifting marketplace (Gift Exchange) and generosity based social network built on the principals of the gift economy. It is a place where people can reclaim their daily relationships with the generous world that surrounds them.

People can redefine how exchanges happen and what they can mean. Moving beyond the self-centred and habitual commercial transaction experience, a deeper origin and Gift Culture of human cooperation can emerge.

At Hearth, the goal is not just to acquire more stuff or get rid of it by “giving it away”, but to have fun with the fundamental principle of generosity that is central to life.

Taking care of each other is healthy. By investigating and developing our feelings of trust and respect, more authentic social relationships, giving and receiving with an open heart, something beautifully human is present. We are interconnected.

Hearth celebrates and believes in this experience. Gathered at home around the warmth and light of the communal fire, offering the best of what they have,  sharing stories,  knowledge & skills, objects & things that matter to us and carry meaning.  This kind of exchange can deepen our personal and communal connections, make us happier, healthier, and potentially lead us to a transformation of how we support our selves and our society.

Come home to the Hearth.


In May 2018 we have:

  • almost 18.000 registered users,
  • over 3000 continuously offered gifts and wishes,
  • and more than 40 ambassadors, spreading the thought of gift economy on a voluntary basis.

In 2018, we are focusing on improving our website for greater clarity and simplicity of the site, greater transparency of users and their offerings and wishes, and linking the site with other Hearth.net activities – meetings, lectures, workshops,

Other planned steps include:

  • simplification and clarity for adding of gifts and wishes,
  • the ability to comment on gifts and wishes,
  • and the ability to add and view scheduled events.