Mobile Application

At the end of 2017, after long preparations, we began to create a mobile application for to extend and simplify gifting. We start interviews with users, designing, experimenting, and gradually began to create modern applications to find gifts / wishes in the neighborhood, to quickly enter a new gift etc.

A few weeks later we had several key meetings – with similarly minded projects, with equally tuned communities. And there was a finding that we all are doing basically the same. Together with other projects and communities, we share the same needs and create our own solutions. And so the opportunity emerged – let’s have the tools that make it possible to spread the core human values ​​in the online world, to form together. Let’s share what we have in common and complement ourselves in what we differ in. Let’s not repeat it unnecessarily. After consultation with the Board, we went in the direction where we will create a solution for the needs, but we begin to develop the general community platform that can serve as a cornerstone not only for us but also other communities.

However, we stood before deciding how to deal with’s mobile application – in the state it was, we did not want to publish it, just as we did not want to end its development. And so we sat down for two days and got to work – developers, designers – and each one of us contributed to making the application at least a little useable. It is not perfect and so far it is really in the state of the experiment, but it will come to us that it can serve its purpose.

Where to get the app?

  • Android – You can download the application to your phone at
  • iOS – download the application to your phone TestFlight ( and e-mail you send us the name of your iCloud account – we’ll send you an invitation.

Next steps?

The development of the application is currently suspended with regard to other activities and the creation of a general community platform. However, we will be happy for your feedback (ideally by email at Just as we have done intensive creative session at the end of May, we plan it again this year 2-3 times and incorporate, among other things, and feedback from you, who choose to use the application. Also do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to join us in a creative session …